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Quick Start Your Cloud Journey with Nous’ Azure Cloud Adoption Framework.

Nous offers a unique 2-day assessment workshop on Azure Cloud Adoption Framework that helps organizations to engage with key stakeholders. This facilitates in analyzing the viability of Azure Cloud for a targeted set of business applications. Furthermore, the assessment will enable the creation of a practical road-map for Windows Azure adoption including migration, co-existence and integration strategy for existing assets. As a result of the assessment, you will receive recommendations on strategic road-map planning and high-level estimates to guide the decision making.

Microsoft Azure HIPAA Compliance.

Nous has a wealth of experience in helping customers achieve and maintain compliance. Today, we support 100’s of HIPAA Compliant environments for our customers on Azure. As a longstanding Microsoft partner, Nous has taken its vast HealthCare/HIPAA compliance know-how and applied it to the Azure cloud. We can help you in setting up a comprehensive Azure environment that is fully audit-able for HIPAA on Azure.

Migrate On-Premise Web Apps to Azure.

Nous offers Azure migration services that includes technical lift-and-shift services to more comprehensive strategic cloud adoption programs. We have Azure app service migration assistant tool and the right process in place to analyze your On-Premise application and identify the suitability of applications be migrated to the cloud. In addition to this, we also provide solutions for any elements which cannot be migrated or are unsupported on the platform.