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Quick Start Your Azure DevOps with Nous DeZy Framework.

Nous Azure DevOps services, with a Quick Start template: DeZy (DevOps Easy), allows you to provision a standard DevOps environment in just one click. The template provides a set of ARM templates, PowerShell DSC configuration files, and other configuration scripts strung together in a “one-click” deployment model. This gives you the access to a DevOps Environment. You can customize these scripts to fit into your needs.

Architecting A Hybrid SQL Cluster Always On.

Architect a hybrid HA/DR Microsoft SQL Server solution using distributed availability groups on Azure is often a challenging task.
But we’ve got you covered with our Azure DevOps services. Talk to our Specialist about your needs, and we will automate the entire process for you.

Infrastructure as Code – Transient Azure Environments.

Just the moving of workload to a cloud can cost you EXTRA time and money. Our Azure Architect can help you deploy and migrate workloads, while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.