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Quick Start Your IoT project with Nous IoA Framework.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite has the capability to connect any wearable device to the cloud and analyze patient data in real-time. However, setting up a HIPAA compliant IoT ecosystem in Azure is not an easy task. Using Nous’ IoA framework, we can integrate data from medical devices and monitor systems into popular Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) system in a matter of days and not months. Nous has the ability to deliver custom apps on Azure that harness the power of connected devices to empower healthcare organizations to provide proactive care and reduce cost.

IoT For Hospitality.

The hospitality industry has already started to embrace the IoT trend. Consequently, becoming efficient and more streamlined with comprehensive Azure IoT solutions. We work with a few Iconic companies in North America to implement their IoT solution that uses Microsoft Azure IoT Suite for scale and lower cost. The devices are connected to an IoT hub and provide real-time data about business operations in the restaurants to identify gaps in productivity.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to Enhance Digital Soundness

  • Scaling with efficiency: Improved scalability from just a few sensors to millions of simultaneously connected devices. This, irrespective of the size of the project.

  • Analyses of intact data: You can benefit from advanced analytics and machine learning with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. This helps in increasing the reliability and the uptime of your processes.

  • The scope of IoT dashboards: Rich IoT dashboards and reports can be created with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. They have the scope to be used to show anything from high-level performance KPIs to the details of an individual asset.

  • Integrate Azure IoT suite: Integrating Azure IoT suite with your systems and applications can simplify the process of data accessibility. This keeps your disparate systems up to date.

  • Improved security of IoT solutions: Setting up individual identities and credentials for each of the connected devices enable you to selectively revoke the access rights of specific devices. Thus, maintaining the integrity of your system.