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Are you thinking of migrating legacy applications to cloud? We Can Surely Help.

Migrating legacy applications to the cloud environment can be challenging, as there are applications that are not originally designed for the cloud. The best way for these applications to achieve cloud computing benefits is the lift and shift method. The benefits of such migration include increased availability, cloud-scale performance and lower total cost of ownership. The comprehension of lift and shift migration goals depends on the extent of detailed planning, feasibility study and impact analysis that has been performed. Nous can accelerate the migration of legacy applications to Azure using our APPA service offering.

Azure Lift and Shift

Built on the core ideas of Dockers and Kubernetes, Nous’ APPA (Accelerated Program for Porting to Azure) Framework can perform on-the-fly containerization. It enables companies in the “Azure lift and shift migration” of their existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of the complex application dependencies, auto-scaling, and integration. The process & toolset can transform non-cloud-native legacy applications into completely portable applications. These applications can benefit from auto-scaling and deployment agility on Microsoft Azure using Docker & Kubernetes.

Nous APPA Process

Business Benefits

  • Lower Cost of Migration: Modernize traditional applications by migrating legacy applications to the cloud without requiring modifications to the source code.

  • Automation & Cost Savings: Automate IT operational tasks like provisioning, deployment, and updates, results in operational cost savings.

  • Better Resource Utilization & Cost Savings: Increased workload density using Docker improves the effective utilization of machines, results in better utilization ratio.

  • Better TCO: Over 75% of an application’s total cost of ownership (TCO) incurred after the initial deployment. The APPA solution offers cost savings around IT process automation, better diagnostic capability for customer support, and integrated APM (Application performance management). On average, our customers have experienced an average of 35% cost savings in deploying existing applications once migrated to Azure.

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